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Why invest with Nester?

You can earn up to 8% p.a. secured against UK Property

Nester offers investments ranging from Commercial Buy to Let, Refurbishment, and Bridge Finance. Each varying in risk and return.

What can you invest in?

Our financing criteria allows Nesters to invest in three core types of property financing arrangement offered to Buyers:

Buy To Let

Commercial properties that are let to an unrelated tenant generating rental income for the Buyer. Buy to Let properties can include retail outlets, offices, dentists, warehouses, etc.

Refurbishment / Light development

Development or light refurbishment of residential or commercial properties. Residential properties are strictly not for the subsequent residence of the Buyer or any connected party.


Bridge facilities allows the Buyer to utilise a quick financing arrangement for a short period of time, typically up to 12 months.

What do we offer?

Simple Investments Secured on Property Helping you build your nest egg.

Unique investments secured on property

Access high performing investment options which allow you to generate a unique and diversified income stream, secured against property.

Property finance options

Source an alternative, non-bank provider to finance your property development or refurbishment needs.

Secure encryption and technology

Protecting your data and keeping that secure, is a core part of our technology and compliance strategy. Via a high performance platform we give you visibility and up to date information on all your deal activity.

Trust in ethics and compliance

Work with a trusted partner that is led by ethics, transparency and compliant principles. We believe in conducting business with purpose, to enrich the whole community of investors and buyers.

Full deal transparency and zero fees

Gain direct access to your account information, transactions and performance with no hidden fees.

Defined performance strategy and risk

Engage in an investment platform with a clearly defined risk and reward strategy that delivers long term income potential, and matches your performance goals.

How to get started?

Three easy steps to investing within minutes due to our cutting edge technology:


Complete Registration

Complete the form, review and understand the risk statement and complete the test.


Top up your e-wallet

Add your bank details and transfer funds into your Nester e-wallet.


Start Investing

Browse the investment opportunities and start investing.

How does it work? This is Nester’s Deal Journey


Nester Receives Finance Application

Buyers approach Nester seeking finance for a property acquisition, refurbishment, or refinance.


Application Screening

All transactions are reviewed by a team of property professionals with decades experience and processed through a scorecard built with robust underwriting standards.


Credit Committee

Once a deal has progressed through the screening process and is supported by a team member, it is presented to credit committee for approval. An additional independent check performed by a separate Nester team.


Deal Live

Once approved the deal goes live on the Nester platform and becomes available for approved investors to invest into. Each deal summary includes the due diligence performed by the Nester team and documentation available to download.


Pre-funding & Investing

Nester works with pre-funding partners who have committed to providing the funds to complete a property financing for the buyer. All pre-funded amounts remain available for investment into approved investors.


Regular Review

Nester continues to regularly review all and monitor transaction and will provide regular updates for investors. The buyer pays the return on each financing along with the full settlement at the end of the agreed term.

How we review our deals

We rigorously review all deals and the majority are rejected. We only select those that we would be comfortable in supporting. Our review, or due diligence, consider the numbers as well as the quality of the transaction in accordance with our credit policy that has been reviewed by the FCA. These aspects and more are included in our assessment, a summary of which is presented to our Nesters to help you decide which opportunity to invest in.

Credit Assessment

  • A formal valuation of the property.
  • Analysis of Rent and strength of Tenants. Credit score from our service partner, Credit Safe.


Experience and track record of the Buyer. Full demographic location analysis using ReAlyse Interrogate business plan and consider market outlook. We visit every property we offer to finance.


All Investors in Nester arranged financings benefit from a security package that is managed in trust by Nester Security Trustee Ltd. This security will always include a first fixed legal charge over the property being financed, as well as other security and/or guarantees depending on the credit analysis.

How we measure our Risk Score

We’ve created a risk scoring algorithm to further assist our investors. Results from the due diligence process are put into a scorecard that calculates a rating. There is a spectrum as summarised below with the lowest score reflecting the highest risk that Nester would support and the highest score reflecting a lower risk. Risk scores are provided as a guide only. They are not an absolute measure and your capital is at risk. It is recommended that you seek independent financial advice.


‘A’ rated financings score highly in the majority of due diligence categories.


Very Good

‘B’ rated financings score highly in some of the due diligence categories.



‘C’ rated financings meets Nester’s minimum financing criteria.