How will Nester support property investors ?

Are you a property developer? Are you investing in property for capital growth or rental income?
If so, great!.. If not, you can now act as a lender to those investors and earn a return on your secured investment. Nester will clear the fog and make this process simple and transparent from day one.

Our investment returns…


We believe in the power of people to create prosperity. Investment opportunities are for everyone – without exception.


You’ll have access to everything you need to know about the properties you’re investing in. With this, you can move forward quickly and make the best decisions.


We take time to explain the investment opportunities open to you. Each option is fully vetted and secure.
We have created a simple but effective path which can be easily followed.

How to find out more:

Register your interest

If you would like to join our community of investors (our Nesters), or simply learn more about our services, get in touch and we’ll introduce you to our team.

Open your egg

Once Nester is authorised you will be notified to complete your Nester profile and you’ll be ready to invest. You may be contacted before hand depending on your status and requirements.

Join the Community

We are constantly looking for feedback in order to ensure we deliver for the Nester community. Any feedback, requests and ideas are welcomed.

FCA application

Nester is authorised and regulated by the FCA, registration number 915346, as of February 2021. 
We have launched our platform to our beta users and uploading new investment opportunities.
Please register your interest for Nester and we’ll notify you when the platform has launched.