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June 18

Nester began as Project Empower, with the vision of empowerment for all communities

July 18

FinTech was identified as the platform to provide maximum exposure

September 18

Curious, UK Branding experts, were engaged to develop the brand strategy and Nester was born

January 19

Nester starts working with the FCA’s Innovation Hub.

February 19

Nester starts the platform build after hiring Chief Technical Officer

July 19

Nester engages with Goji and Onfido support the platforms client money and onboarding needs

October 19

FCA application submitted

February 2021

nester is authorised and regulated by the financial conduct authority. The first Shariah compliant platform operating a debt based peer to peer framework

May 2021

Nester launches its live platform with active deals to a select group of beta users.

Our official launch is fast approaching.